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Frequently Asked Questions


• Are all your installers insured?

Yes, all of our crews are covered by worker's compensation and public liability protection.

• Are there any guarantees or warranties on the work and products you use?

Yes, craftsmanship is covered by us, both labor and materials for a period of 10 years from the date of project completion. All of the products we use are backed by a manufacturer's lifetime warranty.

• Do you use driveway safe dumpsters?

No, we do not use dumpsters in 99% of the projects we do. We utilize waste trailers which are removed each day and are safe for your driveway.


• I like my neighbors 3D looking roof, is that included, or do I pay extra?

It is our standard practice to install a lifetime warrantied architectural shingles on all of our roofing projects.

• How much can I expect to pay for a new roof?

The cost of a new roof depends entirely on how many square feet of roof you need to cover, and what type of shingles you are going to select. We use IKO Cambridge Architectural shingles in most of our projects, and they carry a lifetime warranty.

• How many years should my roof last?

With proper venting, your roof should last as long as the warranty that is given by the manufacturer.

• How do you know when it’s time to change your roof, and should I tear off the old?
  1. It is important to keep all of the information from the last time that you had the roof replaced, in order to give you an accurate timeline.
  2. When your shingles start to curl on the corners.
  3. It would be time to tear off the old roof if you already have two layers on the roof. When you think that the second layer of roof is bad and you are leaning towards putting on a third layer of roof, local codes will not allow you to do that, two layers of roof is the most that you are allowed to have.
  4. Generally, all of our roofing projects will involve a tear off; it preserves your manufacturers warranty, and it's part of what allows us to offer you our 10 Year Workmanship Warranty.

• How long will a roof job take?

It all depends on the size of your home, and how many layers of shingles are currently on your home. The majority of our roofing jobs are completed in one day. You leave in the morning and by the end of the day you have a fantastic new roof. Occasionally, larger projects may be broken up into two days. Your Project Manager will fill you in on all of the details.

• Is ridge venting better than canister venting?

The style of the house would determine if a ridge vent is the proper tool to help ventilate the house/attic. If the intake ventilation is done properly in the soffit area and is open to the attic, a ridge vent would work.

• Do you use staples or nails?

We use ONLY whole head nails. They are 1 ¼" to 1 ½" inch galvanized nails with a 3/8" head on the nail. We install each shingle with 6 nails, allowing you the maximum wind damage resistance and highest warranty coverage for wind.

• How far up does your ice & water shield go?

Building codes for ice & water shield is 24” inside a heated wall area. That is minimum, depending on your home, we may need to install more.


• What colors of siding do you have?

We offer 26 different colors as part of the Royal siding line up we offer.

• How soon can you start and how long does it take?

We first need to have the colors selected and finalized with you. Our Project Manager will advise you as to the lead time for your material selected and our building schedule. Weather can also play a small part in the installation of the siding, but mostly it depends on the size of the project. Most siding projects are completed within 3-4 days.

• I've heard vinyl siding cracks easier, or fades faster. Is this true?

Royal Building Products siding includes exclusive Dura Color Protection. Color change beyond 4 Hunter units will get your siding replaced and includes labor and materials. As far as cracking, the Royal Woodlands is a premium-grade vinyl (.046 thickness) which is crafted with impact modifiers ensuring it exceeds ASTM Standards in impact resistance.

• What colors will look good on my house?

When a Project Manager comes out to your home, they are trained to help you select colors that would work best for the specific type of home that you have. They will help you to pick colors that will compliment the other colors on your home, such as your shingle colors and the colors of your windows.

• Do you put insulation behind the siding?

Depending on the specifics of your project, we will be installing any number of underlayments for your siding. Your Project Manager will review the existing underlayment, and the changes we propose.

Are there different qualities of vinyl siding?

Yes. There are different gages in vinyl siding. The gauge determines the thickness of the panel. The thicker the siding panel, the higher the quality. The Royal Woodlands siding we use is .046 premium-grade vinyl siding.

• How long is the labor warranty?

Universal Reconstruction offers 10 Years of coverage on all workmanship.

• Will the crews stay on the job until finished, or start and come back 1-3 days later?

Our siding crews receive one job at a time. So, when the work is started at your home, it is all about you and only you. We work the job from start to finish.


• Will new windows reduce outside noise?

Yes. The double pane thermal insulated glass and the welded mainframe and sash should reduce some of the outside noise, unless your window is open.

• How will the windows be installed?

Our windows are installed from the inside and the outside, about 50/50.

• Do you replace the sills?

We only replace the sills on a complete full pull with all new framing, casing and sills. On normal custom replacement, it is not standard.

• Fiberglass windows vs. vinyl windows?

Fiberglass windows will not have welded frames or sashes. They are constructed the old-school way, screwed and glued at the corners. Vinyl windows have a welded frame and sash.

• Who manufactures your windows?

The vinyl window line that we carry is RBS Performance Plus.

• Do you haul away old windows?

Yes. We haul away all of the old windows and do a very thorough cleanup after the job is completed.

• How do you handle rotten wood?

Any rotten wood will be replaced that is part of the window installation only. We will only be checking for any rotten wood in the four sides of the window opening before installing the new product.

• Will the installers show me how the new windows work?

All of our window installers are instructed to show the homeowner how the window is operated before they leave. But, we must be careful in showing the homeowner how the window operates, since the window caulk needs to be dry to ensure a proper installation before being fully operated.


Homeowner Insurance Questions

Here are few frequently asked homeowner questions about filing a claim with your insurance company for storm damage, wind damage or hail damage:

Q: If I file a claim, will my rates go up?

A: Under the 'Act of God' provision in most Home Owner Insurance Policies, the individual homeowner rates will NOT be increased.  However, due to the increased number of storms here in Illinois, the odds are growing each day that our 'regional' pricing will see an increase in the future.  The individual policy holder is not affected on a one by one claim basis, but rather on a 'regional' basis.  Policies are analyzed on a larger scale or 'pool of policies' in a particular area/region.

Q: If I file a claim, am I in danger of being dropped?

A: If a homeowner files an insurance claim due to act of 'Act of God' occurrence, it would be an extremely rare occurrence for any sort of negative action be taken by their insurance company.  To date, none of the Contractors who work with us have lost their insurance due to an 'Act of God' claim to our knowledge.  That being said, we always recommend speaking to your personal Insurance Agent for their insight in regards to your policy. 

Q: How long after a Storm can I make a claim?

A: The answer to this question is one year after the initial Storm or Hail Damage to your home.  The best way to approach your insurer is by having a Universal Reconstruction Project Manager represent you when your insurance adjuster visits your home.  The benefit of having a trained eye is essential in getting a fair represenation of the Hail Damage to your home.



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